The hotel is located in a picturesque corner of the Ukrainian Carpathians - in the village of Zhdenievo, at the foot of the Beskydy ridge. In any season, whether winter or summer, you will have an unforgettable vacation, just the kind of quality and carefree you have always dreamed of.

Rooms in the hotel “Lisova Kazka”

Number of rooms: 14

Double Room “Standard” – 10

Two Rooms “Delux”- 4

“Two Rooms Delux”


Vocation in the Carpathians, in wooden cottages will provide you with harmony and an indescribable mood throughout the entire period of your stay. The whole complex consists of detached wooden cottages built of logs. The uniqueness of such buildings is that, while preserving the unique local flavour and atmosphere of the Carpathians, they also have a cellular level, there is a constant air exchange, due to which, in wooden houses, a constant oxygen balance and optimal air humidity are maintained. In such a house you will feel as comfortable as possible at any time of the year because log walls accumulate heat in winter and coolness in summer, creating uniform climatic conditions throughout the room. The resins of the Smereka tree, from which the houses are built, contribute to the overall improvement of the body, emitting a subtle invigorating aroma that improves sleep and lung function, normalizes blood pressure, and increases efficiency.